Monday, March 25, 2013

The Beginning

So I discovered this blog a while back called Hyperbole and a Half. I read it religiously after my mom found a hilarious posting online about how "Dogs Can't Understand Basic Concepts Like Moving". I've been so depressed since the author stopped blogging.

Because of this, I have had to turn to new pursuits to
a. entertain myself
b. waste my spare time
c.  make new friends
and lastly.. on a  somewhat unrelated note...
d. attempt to eventually make a living hawking my wares through promotion via an online outlet to get myself through school

Be not misled- I fully intend to have a raucous good time, meet tons of people, enjoy myself and maybe promote my intelligently sarcastic sense of humor to help make it through my second attempt at college and possibly become a productive member of society at some point in the future.

I love crafting everything from paper crafts to knitting to crocheting to sewing to handcrafted bath and body products (my current venture) to scrapbooking to almost anything I can do with my hands. I love seeing peoples' faces light up when they see something that truly touches them on a deeper level. I love their joy and their excitement. I love repeat customers. I love being unique. I love meeting people. I love helping people through the things I enjoy doing.

I hope all of y'all enjoy the ensuing rants, raves, shares, dreams, trials, errors, surprises, successes, triumphs, and more! Have fun with me, cook with me, eat with me, craft with me, share with me, laugh at me, befriend me! It's good to know ya!