Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I Can Use That For WHAT!!

OH MY GOSH! Two posts in one day? Say WHAT!?

Yeah. I'm getting excited now. Yesterday I was surfing my interwebs and discovered this new (to me) blog aptly named The Natural Skincare Blog. This lovely lady, LisaLise has some great information on her blog for all people interested in taking their beauty regimes back to basics or 'naturals' (haha!! I'm funny!). Anyway- I wrote a comment to LisaLise about how much I enjoyed reading some of her articles and SHE WROTE ME BACK! She sad she enjoyed my blog (THIS ONE) and she was interested to see our development. Super Exciting. The result of my super excited-ness is multiple postings... and more thought on a daily basis on what may actually make good blog posts. Hopefully this counts as one (when I finally get around to writing what I meant to write about instead of being so excited about L's reply...

Here's what I meant to write about: You all know that part of the purpose of this blog was to share my company's plights and growing pains and all that we're (I'm) going through on our (my) path to growth and changing our friends' and families' lives through natural skincare. Well now I actually have a post about my products. Bear with me, it won't be like this all the time.

I developed this product a while back called a solid lotion bar. Some of you may have heard of or seen them before. They're lotion.. but solid! (hence the name) They've got beeswax and shea butter and coconut oil and all kinds of cool natural moisturizers in them PLUS a healthy dose of smell-good essential oils. Mmmmmmm! My favorite is the lemongrass, so I always keep one of these little travel-sized bars in my purse in a handy acrylic carrying case (You can get your own on my website if you like) and I use it all the time.

Now, we all know that pollen season is here along with allergies and all that yucky stuff. It really is truly disgusting. But I never had to worry about it- I'm not allergic.... until now. This has been the worst year for my allergies. It's been so terrible. Bring on the incessant nose blowing and whining (from both Manfriend and myself) and lots of allergy meds. Our poor noses are raw!

(insert hilarious picture of allergy sufferer)

ENTER MOST AMAZING USE FOR LOTION BARS EVER!!!! I had to get relief. I was dying. DYING! I think my nose would have fallen off if a three year old tried to steal it. In my desperation to find something that would help my poor nosey, I thought about the bag balm my mom always slathered on me as a kid.. that would probably work, but yuck! I don't want that goop on my nose! Besides, it could clog my pores and then my pretty face would break out! I may even have to WASH my face! (Jealous yet? Don't be. It's frustrating. I CAN'T wash my face or else I break out. Badly.)

So I dug through the piles of folded laundry in our living room for my purse, fished out my cute little acrylic-boxed lemongrass lotion bar and went to town. I looked like an idiot. I still do. I rubbed my little fingers all over that bar and then all over my nose. On the sides. Under my nose. On my chapped lips. It felt fabulous. It felt moisturizing. My Rudolph nose stopped throbbing in pain. I no longer felt like the kids in the Puffs Plus commercials...

Wanna know the absolute best part of ALL of it? I didn't break out. At all. It's been three days. Not. One. Pimple. My nose feels fabulous. My face is moisturized. My lips aren't chapped. And Manfriend will kiss me again. All is well again.

But really! Who would have thought to wipe this stuff on a desperate nose? I mean- most lotions are gonna clog up all your pores and make your life more miserable than it is! And Puffs Plus will only last so long with that kind of intense nose blowing. I never would have thought that this spur-of-the-moment creation would have worked so well for so many different uses. Get you some. NOW!!!!

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