Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Go Getter: Making Mocha Sugar Scrubs

Today I got ready to tackle the future. I sent in my two week notice to my job and decided it was time to go for it. The only problem- I'm a chicken. We already know this from previous blog entries. Terribly scary.

On the other hand, because I am such a go-getter, I created a new product. Introducing Sage Pure's NEW mocha scrub. Its the perfect new facial scrub and, if you're all truly lucky, I might decide to make a matching body scrub too! you know that lovely feeling you get when your face is super smooth? Yeah. It does that. Sugar and spice (not really) and coffee (mmmm, delicious!!) and a hint of cocoa to give you a delightful mocha experience. mix it all up with Sage Pure's oil blend (that amazingly won't clog your pores) and your pretty face will love you forever.

Enough advertising (okay a bit more- I developed this scrub last week and I already sold four). As I said- I'm scared to death but so so excited to push forward. Two weeks from today, I'll be getting ready for my first show. Before then, I'll hopefully have my products in my girlfriend, Mo's shop. MAYBE I can even get some stuff in Queen of Hearts' antique and curiosity gallery as well!

So... Go visit Etsy, keep abreast of the blog, go visit Queen of Hearts.. even if I'm not there yet.. and maybe give my girl Mo's shop a whirl (It's in Monroe, but I'm not totally sure the name. I'll find out and get right on that!) Here's the deal- read to blog, like the adventures, love the products, e-mail me for some business cards, and I'll send them out!

You'll have fun, you'll get good products and new stuff to try, and I'll hopefully get more business to help my dream become a reality.

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